Lin Chi-ling attended a promotional event for a brand of health foods in Hong Kong on March 31.

The Taiwanese model-actress shared that she had previously visited a theme park there. "If I could, I would go every year," she said. "Work can be stressful so everybody should find ways to relieve their pressure." Unfortunately, she added, she will not have time to go during this trip.

When asked about a news report that claims Chinese actor Wang Baoqiang has secretly been in love with Chi-Ling for over a decade, she exclaimed, "My dear friends, not everything they write in the news is true! Just take it as an entertaining and harmless joke."

She had a similarly calm attitude towards a recent incident where a Chinese variety show had secretly taken photos of her. "I only found out after seeing the news online, but I'm not unhappy about it," she shrugged. "I just take it as a reminder to look out for the people around me."

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