Lin Chi-ling issues stern warning against paparazzi who have been stalking her

The strongly worded statement addressed a publication that uploaded photos of her driver handing over her personal information to a hospital staff

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On July 31, Taiwanese media uploaded a report claiming that Taiwanese model Lin Chi-ling underwent an advanced form of IVF (in vitro fertilisation) that was suitable for older women as it can reduce the possibility of having birth defects and other issues common with advanced pregnancies.

This was accompanied by photos of her driver delivering a stack of documents to a National Taiwan University Children’s Hospital staff member, who was later identified as a maternity nurse who is part of the fertility centre team.

Rumours of Chi-ling having a bun in the oven soon gained traction, with reports stating that she will likely be able to fulfil her wish of having twins.

On August 20, however, Chi-ling put her foot down with a stern warning against the paparazzi who have been stalking her.

The statement, which was uploaded on her Facebook, wrote, “Illegally following others and revealing personal details to the public are all intrusions of privacy.” She then quoted privacy laws, stating that they were put in place to protect a person’s rights.

“As a public figure, Lin Chi-ling has been under tremendous stress from the public’s opinion and from the untrue rumours about her (…) We thank everyone for their continued support for Lin Chi-ling, but we ask for everyone not to cross the line.”

Netizens showed their support for her in the comments, asking her to stay strong in the face of malicious comments.

Photos: PBE Media

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