Lin Chi-ling is not accepting red packets at her wedding ceremony

She has requested for gifts from the guests instead.

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Taiwanese model-actress has confirmed that she will be holding her wedding party on November 17, almost half a year after she registered her marriage with Japanese singer-actor Akira.

Only about a hundred guests have made the guest list, and Taiwanese actress-singer Ariel Lin, who is one of the lucky few to have been invited, will not be able to join in the celebrations as she has other plans on that day.

When probed about the wedding at an event on Thursday (Nov 7), Ariel declined to reveal the exact location of the party, only saying that Chi-ling has shared that she will not be accepting red packets at the ceremony. Instead, guests may choose to bring gifts if they wish.

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Although Ariel has yet to decide what she will be buying a wedding gift, she mused that picking the perfect present for her “thoughtful and kind-hearted” friend will be an uphill task.

Ariel also turned 37 a little over a week ago, and shared that her birthday wish is for the world to have less conflict and pollution. “I think what I want is too ordinary, but at the same time, it’s rather unattainable,” she sighed.

The actress was asked by the media if she will be keen on getting pregnant at the same time as Chi-ling, so that their future children will be able to be as close as their respective mothers.

She responded with a small smile, “Being healthy is the most important.”

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Photos: PBE Media, Instagram/Akira, TPG

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