Lin Chi-ling: I’m willing to date a shorter guy

She has once again refuted rumours of a reconciliation with Jerry Yan


Lin Chi-ling’s relationship status has always been a point of interest for everyone, especially since there have been on-again, off-again rumours of her reuniting with former boyfriend, Jerry Yan. The pair was regarded as a golden couple and many were heartbroken to hear the news of their split.

When the model attended an event in Taiwan earlier this week and was asked once again about how her love life is going, she remarked that she is currently single and laughed when reporters asked her about rumours of her and Jerry tying the knot. “How is that possible? If we were, you guys would definitely know about it!” she chuckled.

She added that she has considered using dating applications to find Mr. Right, as she has friends who have found their forever partner through such methods.

Reporters asked her what she would set her profile name to be, and Chi-ling paused to think before sharing that she’d want to call herself Athena. “Please check if someone else has used that name!” she quipped. She added that the profile photo that she would use would be herself dressed up as the goddess Athena.

The 1.73m-tall actress said that she has no qualms with dating shorter men and is not particular about the height and weight of her future partner, adding that the most important factor that she will consider is his personality.

Photos: PBE Media

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