Lin Chi-ling hopes to have twins one day

The newly married actress has also clarified that she will not be taking her husband's last name


It’s back to work as per normal for Taiwanese actress Lin Chi-ling, who announced that she had tied the knot with Japanese actor and EXILE member Akira earlier this month.

After making an appearance at an event in England last week, Chi-ling is continuing on with her work in the country, making another appearance at a promotional event in London. When asked about her plans for the future after marriage, the 44-year-old shared, “I hope to have twins one day”, before laughing that she might have been too direct with her words.

The actress also shared more on her views on relationships, saying, “In order to keep a relationship fresh, one must look at the positive qualities of their partner. Praise them more, and grumble less - [you have to] give, and continue to give [in a relationship].”

“Recently, there’s been a lot of people saying that after a while, a relationship evolves into close affection (instead of love) with time, but I feel that such affection is another form of a relationship that endures the test of time,” Chi-ling shared, adding that she found it to be something that is irreplaceable.

Finally, she clarified the reports that she will be taking on Akira’s last name, Kurosawa. Chi-ling revealed that she will not be changing her last name, nor will she be relocating to Japan, nor retiring from the entertainment industry.

“I won’t be doing so for the time being, unless you guys are sick of me,” she laughed.

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