Lin Chi-ling attended a press conference to promote a popular online game in Taipei on February 20.

The model-actress shared that she was very honoured to be a spokesperson for the game and to play the goddess Athena. "I really admire Athena because she is like a modern woman of today," she said. "She isn't some delicate flower that needs care and protection, but she will stand up for herself and fight for her own rights."

When asked about her beautiful water ballet performance at the CCTV New Year's Gala, Chi-ling revealed that she spent about three weeks training for it, plus one week of rehearsals. "I started practising in water that was 2 metres deep, and eventually got to water that was 5 metres deep," she said. "Of course it was tough. My legs were shaking! But I kept telling myself to hold on."

Chi-ling was rumoured to have settled down with ex Jerry Yan, but she firmly denied the news, saying, "If I got married, everyone would definitely know about it." She also claimed that she has no suitors at the moment.

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