Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chi-ling attended a promotional event for a skincare product in Taipei on August 14.

When asked about her Chinese Valentine's Day plans, Chi-ling said, "I have no plans and nobody has invited me to spend it with them. I don't want to be alone on that day, but I still have time to find company. Maybe I will celebrate it with my friends in the end."

Although there has been a recent crackdown on the exorbitant salaries of celebrities in China due to Fan Bingbing's recent tax evasion scandal, Chi-ling revealed that it did not affect her at all, and that everyone should obey the law.

Even after so long in the industry and at the age of 43, she is still the dream girl of many men. However, when asked about her 20 years in showbiz, she said, "Please do not remind me of my age so often. People get old and appearances change, but what I can do is try to keep young at heart. I hope you can still accept my aged face in the future."

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