Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chi-ling’s water ballet performance during the CCTV New Year’s Gala left audiences stunned after she performed a mesmerising choreographed dance, along with a daredevil dive into a pool. 

However, soon after the performance aired, rumours began spreading, suggesting that the 44-year-old had used a body double for the performance. Somepointed out that there was a large number of wide shots used during the performance, saying that this could have been to avoid detection of the body double.Additionally, Chi-ling’s body, specifically her thighs, during the performance seemed to look different, further adding fuel to the fire.

On Wednesday (February 6), a netizen made a post on Weibo, claiming to be Chi-ling’s body double. The netizen shared that she felt honoured to be the model-actress’s body double, praising her as “really beautiful”. However, she also alleged that Chi-ling “only appeared at the venue on the last day of rehearsals”, and that "on our first meeting, (we had to) wait for four to five hours,” hinting at Chi-ling being tardy and unprofessional.

Soon after, Chi-ling’s manager responded with a statement. “(Chi-ling) jiejie participated in the entire performance, and fully respected the production team’s schedule as well as their requests for the show. 90% of the (performance) item was completed by (Chi-ling) jiejie herself. As for the remaining 10% of the professional synchronised water swimming performance, after much consideration and thought by the production team, it was ultimately decided that something which requires a high level of skill should be completed by a professional body double,” the statement read.

Her manager also added that the underwater performance, as well as being suspended and subsequently hanging from a hoop that was suspended at 6 meters, was all done by Chi-ling herself. Only the high-level dive from the said hoop was not done by Chi-ling, but the body double instead. 

A production team member also revealed that Chi-ling had recorded for close to six days for the performance, and definitely did not “turn up only on the last day. They also clarified that the CCTV New Year’s Gala is not a reality programme, and that criticism of the long shots used during the segment were unwarranted.

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Photos: PBE Media

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