Lin Chi-ling and Akira’s wedding favours revealed

The couple’s big day is happening this Sunday.


News of Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chi-ling and Japanese actor Akira's upcoming wedding celebration has gotten both the media and fans alike excited, especially as more details about the big day are released bit by bit. Even the mayor of Tainan got involved, sharing that the wedding will be taking place at the Tainan Art Museum’s Building 1.

A recent update has revealed that Chi-ling and Akira have sent out wedding favours to their relatives and close friends, including S.H.E’s Selina Jen, who shared a few photos of the gift on her Instagram account.


According to Taiwanese media reports, the lovebirds opted to send out biscuits and other sweet treats from the Japanese brand, YOKU MOKU, enclosed in a wooden box with the words “Love — Akira and Chi-ling” engraved on top.

Each package also came with a picture of the happy couple and a handwritten message, which reads, “We are married. Let’s grow old together hand in hand. We wish for those of you who believe in love to be able to find a form of happiness that belongs exclusively to you.”


In other related news, reports have alleged that Chi-ling did not invited her mentor, Catwalk Model Agency founder Ivan Hong, to her wedding. Ivan is credited as the man who gave Chi-ling her start in the modelling industry and was vital in her rise to fame.

The Taiwanese fashion icon was reportedly very displeased with Chi-ling’s decision, prompting her to hurriedly extend a belated invitation to him. However, it appears that Chi-ling’s olive branch was extended far too late, as Ivan is reported to still be giving the wedding a miss.

Chi-ling and Akira announced that they had registered their marriage in June this year. They met while working on the Japanese stage production of Red Cliff in 2011 and started dating last year.


Photos: PBE Media

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