Li Yapeng reveals why his 12-year-old blocked him on WeChat

The director’s daughter had gotten angry after she was asked to delete her Instagram account

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Chinese film director Li Yapeng’s daughter with his ex-wife, Chinese singer Faye Wong, Li Yan, was born with a cleft lip.

After her birth in 2006, the couple decided to bring Li Yan to America for a surgery to correct her cleft lip. Since then, the 12-year-old has gone under the knife two more times. However, she has never complained about it, showing her strong spirit. 

In an interview, Yapeng shared that Li Yan had once asked her grandmother why her lips were different from her friends. Her grandmother had replied, “In this world, everyone’s different,” setting the 12-year-old at ease. He also shared that Li Yan has always been a very kind and compassionate child who finds joy in helping others.

Additionally, Li Yan made waves three years ago, at the tender age of nine, after setting up her own Instagram account. In her posts, Li Yan shared tips on makeup, showing off Faye’s makeup collection, as well as her closet. Her posts garnered a lot of attention from netizens, who left numerous comments and likes. However, her Instagram account was soon shut down by Yapeng.

In the same interview, Yapeng shared that he was not angered by Li Yan’s actions, instead, he found her actions cute. However, he felt that she was too young to have her own social media accounts at that time and decided to ask her to shut down her account.

It turns out that the request did not go down well with Li Yan, who promptly blocked him on WeChat. “She didn’t say anything verbally, and didn’t show that she was unhappy, but once she turned around, she (immediately) blocked me on WeChat,” he laughed.

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