Li Yapeng reportedly dating billionaire CEO

A Chinese entertainment critic spilled the beans on his Weibo account


Just last week, pictures of Chinese actor Li Yapeng out on a date with an unnamed female were posted online by a netizen, whospotted the duo having a stroll in the park.

Since then, speculations about the identity of the 47-year-old’s beau has intensified, especially after Yapeng’s manager shared that they were “unsure” if the actor is in a relationship.

Adding fuel to the fire, Chinese entertainment critic Song Zude, who is known for spreading gossip about various celebrities, recently shared on his Weibo account that he knows who Yapeng’s girlfriend is.

In his post, he shared that he had received a tip-off from a good friend of the actor, who shared that the female is a “successful CEO”.

According to the friend, the couple had first met when Yapeng started dabbling in real estate. Sharing that the female “has a number of subsidary companies overseas, and is listed in foreign stock markets”, Zude revealed that she has a net worth of RMB5 billion (approximately S$1 billion). He added that she is in her thirties.

Many netizens took Zude’s post with a grain of salt, commenting that his claims sounded “too exaggerated”. Some also brought up his previous posts, where he claimed that Hong Kong actor-singer Nicholas Tse and Chinese singer Faye Wong broke up in 2017. At that time, he stood firmly by his post, declaring that he will “eat dog poop”  if he was indeed proven wrong. Soon after, Nicholas himself commented on the reports, denying Zude’s claims.

Photos: PBE Media

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