Li Yapeng said to owe S$8 million in unpaid debt

The director had previously pledged to donate 70 percent of his wealth to charity

li ya peng

Chinese film director Li Yapeng had made his intentions clear in an old interview — he will be donating 70 percent of his wealth to charity. However, netizens have since discovered that the 47-year-old owes up to RMB$40 million (approximately S$8 million) in debt.

After retiring as an actor in 2010, Yapeng turned his focus to business and directing instead. In an old interview, he shared more about his plans to give back to society, by donating “70 percent of my personal wealth to society”, with the remaining 30 percent to go to his daughter, Li Yan.

A recent discovery by an unnamed netizen, however, revealed that the actor had invested in real estate with his older brother, only for the project fail six years later. The duo were later sued in court, and order to pay RMB$40 million (approximately S$8 million) in damages.

Yapeng has yet to repay this debt, and has since been blacklisted by the courts for this. As a result, this discovery has thrown doubt over the 47-year-old’s declaration to give back to society, with some even commenting that “instead of leaving 30 percent of his wealth to his daughter, he might be leaving her debt instead”.

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