Li Yapeng goes public with new relationship

He was previously rumoured to be dating a Faye Wong lookalike, who also happened to be a billionaire CEO


Rumours of Chinese actor Li Yapeng, who was previously married to Mando-pop queen Faye Wong, seeing someone new started circulating earlier this month. He was spotted on a date with the mystery woman, who is reportedly a spitting image of his ex-wife. Soon after, speculation intensified as Chinese entertainment critic Song Zude claimed that the woman is a billionaire CEO.

After a week of silence, Yapeng has clarified the rumours with a Weibo post. He wrote, “She isn’t an entrepreneur, and neither does she have a net worth of RMB50 billion. She’s just a writer who likes singing jazz songs from time to time, an independent woman who commands respect. I understand that the media has commitments, but I hope that you can give us some respect. Thank you!”

This is the first time that the 47-year-old has gone public with a relationship since splitting from Faye. His followers were clearly delighted by the news, with over 12,000 comments, most of them positive, on his post at press time.

Many lauded him for being straightforward, while at the same time protecting the identity of his girlfriend, who is believed to be a non-celebrity.

Yapeng and Faye were married from 2005 to 2013, and have a 13-year-old daughter, Li Yan, together.

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Li Yapeng reportedly dating billionaire CEO
Li Yapeng reportedly dating a Faye Wong lookalike
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