Li Ronghao ‘ruins' birthday tradition with Rainie Yang

The celebrity couple’s birthday tradition has been going on for the past four years


After going public with their relationship in 2015, celebrity couple Li Ronghao and Rainie Yang have slowly amped up the public PDA, with the Chinese singer planting a kiss on Rainie at one of his concerts in 2017. The pair also often banter back and forth with each other online and have a tradition where they send each other birthday greetings when the clock strikes midnight. 

When Rainie turned 35 yesterday (Jun 4), Ronghao, like clockwork, posted his well wishes to the Taiwanese singer-actress at 12am. “Today is my girl’s birthday, happy birthday”, read his caption on Facebook which was accompanied by a picture of Rainie trying out Snapchat’s baby filter.


However, netizens realised that there was something different about Ronghao’s birthday post this year. Other than his Facebook page, the singer did not post anything else on his Weibo or Instagram accounts, as per previous years. Instead, fans noticed that he had been continually deleting and reposting the same caption on his Weibo. Finally, he wrote in frustration, “From 12am onwards, I’ve been posting and posting, but they all failed. I give up!!!”

In order to console him, Rainie then commented, “I received it well, don’t be angry,” sharing that she appreciated his efforts.

Finally, close to an hour after he first started trying to post on Weibo, he succeeded.

Ronghao later posted the same message wishing Rainie a happy birthday on his Instagram account, with the Taiwanese singer-actress leaving a comment on his post to explain the situation further.


“(He) was trying to post on Weibo, causing his Instagram post to be delayed. Of course, the Weibo post was not a success too. But, no matter what time he posts, or even if he doesn’t post, I know how dearly he wants to wish me well,” she commented.

This birthday ‘tradition' between Rainie and Ronghao has been going on for the past four years, with Ronghao writing a simple ‘Happy birthday’ the first two years. Last year, he added a “my family’s young lady” to his birthday greeting. 

As for Rainie, her captions over the years were “To you who’s 30, happy birthday”, “Someone from my family is celebrating their birthday today, happy birthday”, “The third birthday, happy 32”. Last year, she wrote a simple “the fourth birthday”, before mentioning Ronghao’s account, and adding a number of heart emojis.

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