Li Ronghao requests for content of lost iPad to remain private

The singer had lost his tablet on a public train over the weekend

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Chinese singer Li Ronghao lost his iPad on a train in Beijing over the weekend. In the middle of the night, the singer posted on Weibo, requesting for help from the train company, as well as to express his hope that whoever picked his iPad up will not upload its contents online.

The singer’s late night post, which was deleted within an hour, grabbed the attention of fans and netizens alike. In his post, he expressed that he had taken the train in the afternoon, but had only noticed that he had left his iPad behind after alighting. Following which, he immediately made a call to the train conductor, who shared that there was nothing in the cabin. 

As a result, he decided to post on Weibo, asking the train company if he could access the CCTV feed in a bid to get his tablet back.

Later, after deleting the post, Ronghao made a follow-up post, sharing that though the location of his iPad is still unknown, the train company has gotten in touch with him. “I did not want to trouble everyone, so I deleted the post. Thank you,” he wrote.

He also revealed that the tablet contained a video that he had shot for his song, ‘If I Were Young’, in preparation for his concert tour.

“It is my first time learning video editing, as well as dubbing, mixing, subtitling and colour-correcting (for a video),” he wrote.

Adding that the video is still not completed, as dubbing and colour-correcting has yet to be done, the video on the iPad still a work-in-progress.

As such, he expressed his hope that even if the video did manage to find its way online,“(I hope) that everyone will not criticise it too harshly. Let’s just let this matter rest after this, and not mention it anymore,” he concluded.

Photos: PBE Media

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