Li Ronghao, Rainie Yang have a public conversation on Instagram

It was all about Li Ronghao wanting to get his Instagram account verified

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Folks at Instagram, if you’re reading this, Taiwanese singer-songwriter Li Ronghao (@lingronghao85) needs your help in granting him a verified ‘blue tick’ badge.

The 33-year-old took to the photo sharing platform a few days ago to seek help on getting his account, which has 123,000 followers at press time, verified. He posted a picture of his dog lying on the bed, and wrote: “Can anyone teach me how I can prove that I am the real Li Ronghao?”

When the singer’s colleague tried to apply and request for a verification badge on Instagram, they were unable to authenticate his identity, raising doubts over the identity of the person managing the account.

“They are not certain if I am the real Li Ronghao,” he said.

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Li Ronghao's exchange with Rainie Yang on Instagram.

After the 33-year-old sent out an SOS message to his followers, Ronghao’s girlfriend and fellow Taiwanese singer-actress Rainie Yang left a comment on his post, as if to verify his identity on the social network.

“Come and ask me!” wrote Rainie, to which Ronghao replied, “I’m afraid that they might think you’re fake too and cancel your verified status.”

The conversation didn’t end there and the low-profile lovebirds continued bantering on Instagram, with Rainie replying her boyfriend, “You’re right,” teasing him about getting her implicated in his verification woes.

Rainie and Ronghao made things official in 2015 and have kept their relationship private – rarely indulging in acts of public displays of affection except for that one time when Ronghao planted a kiss on Rainie at his concert.

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