Li Ronghao lashes out at management agency over delay in releasing new single

“(Do you think) that I’ll really be unable to move forward without you guys?”


Chinese singer Li Ronghao has never been one to blow his fuse easily, and has always been known for his calm and steady personality.

However, it seems like the singer has had it with his management agency, taking to Weibo yesterday (Nov 28) to post a tirade against them.

Ronghao had shared earlier that he “has something to announce on December 5”, along with a picture of his many music awards and trophies. 

His fans, who did not sense that there was anything amiss, replied asking if he was about to hold a wedding banquet with Taiwanese singer-actress Rainie Yang. The couple had registered their marriage in September this year.


Half an hour later, the singer uploaded another post, ranting against his management agency, as well as the various music streaming platforms in China.

“I just want to ask all the mighty music streaming platforms, as well as my amazing manager, is it that hard to release a song? I've been waiting since September, and now you’re telling me that nothing is confirmed yet. Whenever I ask, you’ll say that everything has a process to follow, what’s up with that? Fending me off with the same answer of 'it’s in process' everyday, [saying that] there’s nothing wrong.”

“You can continue running around the office with your ‘processes’, if the song cannot be released on December 5, I will post the song online myself! (Do you think) that I’ll really be unable to move forward without you guys?”

The singer’s last album was released a year ago, in October. It is understood that his upcoming single has been ready for release since May this year, with the launch date getting pushed back time and again.

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