Li Ronghao asks fans to support their “sister-in-law” Rainie Yang

This is not the first time the singer has shown his affection for his wife in public


Chinese singer Li Ronghao registered his marriage to fellow singer Rainie Yang two months ago, and while the couple has spent more time apart than together, that has not stopped them from showing their affection to one another.

Despite rumours of their marriage being on the rocks after Rainie updated her Instagram account with a string of bizarre messages, she has since clarified that there is nothing wrong with her love life. In addition, she was the epitome of newlywed bliss at her concert in Singapore last weekend, even mentioning her husband during the show.

This time, it was Ronghao’s turn to declare his love for his wife after Rainie released her newest album, Delete Reset Grow on November 27. He posted a link to the title track, ‘Celebration Of Oneself’, on his Weibo account with the caption, “Come, support your sister in law’s new song”.

The post was met with strong responses from the fans, who pointed out that this was the first time that he referred to Rainie by that title.

“I guess I have no choice but to follow what you say,” one wrote, while others were reminded of the time when Ronghao kissed Rainie on stage at his concert.

A netizen mused, “This couple seems to have a lot of affection for one another. If they’re this affectionate in public, they must be even more so in real life! I guess we can expect a baby from them really soon.”

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