Chinese singer Li Ronghao held a press conference on December 3 in Beijing to announce his upcoming world tour If I Were Young, which will kick off in Shanghai on March 16 next year.

The production of his new album Ear was almost entirely a one-man effort, with Ronghao being involved in everything from writing the lyrics to composing the music to producing and mixing. At the press conference, he even took up the role of host and introduced his own album.

Ronghao revealed that the stage layout and setup for this tour, which is named after one of the songs from Ear, will not be very elaborate. "When I was 19 years old, I remember working on another singer's concert and hearing the singer say that he was nervous and worried because his costumes were not ready," he recalled. "From then on, I learned that costumes are a very important thing, but for my own concert, I wish for the focus to be entirely on the music itself."

He went on to say that for this concert tour, he wants to do away with all the bells and whistles he "does not understand" and just put on a simple showcase. He also revealed that he had made a short film and edited it according to the set list to played at the concert. "I really like it!" he exclaimed.

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