Li Chen’s missing ring fuels breakup rumours with Fan Bingbing

The actor used to wear a ring to mark his relationship with Fan Bingbing


Following Chinese actress Shao Xiaoshan’s claims that Chinese actress Fan Bingbing has called it quits with her fiancé, Chinese actor Li Chen, the spotlight has been cast on the celebrity couple’s relationship.

Bingbing has all but disappeared from the spotlight after it was reported that the actress had signed “yin-yang contracts” in order to evade taxes. At the same time, Li Chen is currently filming a drama in the USA.

A video featuring the cast and crew members of the variety show, Keep Running, was released to celebrate the broadcasting network, Zhejiang Television’s tenth anniversary. In the video, Li Chen makes a quick appearance, where he pokes fun at Keep Running’s director, who once reduced someone to tears with a scolding.


However, it was not the actor’s appearance in the video that caught the attention of netizens. Rather, it was the absence of a ring on Li Chen’s ring finger. It was previously reported that the 39-year-old wears a ring on his ring finger to mark his relationship with Bingbing. The missing ring, along with Xiaoshan’s claim that Bingbing and Li Chen have broken up, has sparked off much discussion online.

According to previous reports, the celebrity couple yet to register their marriage despite Li Chen successfully proposing on Bingbing’s birthday last year. When quizzed about it during interviews, the couple would only say that the earliest date possible for them to tie the knot would be in “the second half of 2018.”

However, another insider has come forward to discredit the claims of the break up. The unnamed sourced alleged that Li Chen and Bingbing have registered their marriage in the USA, and that they will do the same when they return to the mainland in October.

Photos: PBE Media

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