Li Chen, Fan Bingbing’s wedding could happen this year

This could also be in line with Fan Bingbing’s declaration that she hopes to have a baby in 2018

li chen fan bingbing wedding

Power couple Li Chen and Fan Bingbing got one step closer to their happily ever after when they announced their engagement last September. This was shortly before his first movie, Sky Hunter, was released in cinemas.

After news of Sky Hunter’s lackluster performance at the box office was revealed, some wondered if the engagement was a way of promoting the movie. To which, Bingbing responded, “According to his (Li Chen) staff, he prepared (his proposal) for about a year. Perhaps he did it when he had a bit of time in between filming and promotions.”

As for when they will be holding their nuptials, Li Chen shared that as he will be busy filming Keep Running until June, the earliest the wedding will be is in the second half of the year. He added that he will share the good news with his fans once they have confirmed the date and further details.

Last year, Bingbing shared that her wish for 2018 is to have a baby, which had fans guessing that they could be holding their wedding ceremony soon. However, if it were to be held in July or later, the possibility of them having a child before the year ends would be lowered.

Photo: PBE Media

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