Good genes don’t always run in the family. (Don’t believe us? Just look here.) Luckily, the same cannot be said for Chinese actress Li Bingbing’s younger sister, Li Xue, who looks every bit as glamorous as her famous sibling. The 45-year-old screen goddess, who is now dating a guy 17 years younger than she is, recently posted photos of Li Xue, 43, on her social media, with this caption: “Happy Birthday my dear sister, sorry for taking mum and dad out on your birthday, and leaving you alone at home.”

But in case you think that the sisters aren’t all that close, well, you can’t be further from the truth. Bingbing and Li Xue, who is also the star’s manager and assistant, are utterly devoted to each other. It’s said that for years, Bingbing had claimed that Li Xue was her older sister so as to hide her actual age — yes, showbusiness is that ageist, especially in China. But six years ago, on Li Xue’s wedding, the actress suddenly revealed on her microblog that she’s actually the older one.  “When I look back at our memories, I was always the main character of your life. But today, you’re the main character for the first time, wearing your wedding gown and holding his hand… I don’t take a walk in your shoes very often, how much stress do you handle by yourself, how much hurt do you suffer alone because you are protecting me, my sister, big sister owes you too much!” she wrote.

To which Li Xue replied, “From young, you’ve always been like a mother to me. When people give you pineapples on set, you will lug the entire carton all the way from Shanghai to Hangzhou just so you can give them to me. When people give you cookies after shooting a commercial, you will save them till Chinese New Year just so I can eat them. Now that I’m all grown up, everything I do for you is worth it!”

So how’s your relationship with your sister?  

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