Leon Lai's ex-wife, model Gaile Lok, who married businessman Ian Chu last year, announced two days ago that she is pregnant with her first child with a post on Instagram.

On November 8, she attended an event in a loose white dress. She appeared to be in a very good mood and posed for photographs by placing heart-shaped hand gestures over her belly. She said that although she grew up in America, she wanted to comply with Chinese tradition and only announce her pregnancy after crossing the three-month mark.

"Now that I can finally talk about my pregnancy, I'm so relieved!" she said. "I still don't know what the gender of the baby is, but as long as it is healthy, it does not matter to me. But of course, if I had a daughter, I can dress her up, which would be fun and interesting."

Gaile then said that she has not been worried about controlling her diet. "It's natural for a mother's body shape to change after pregnancy, and I think it should be considered a good thing," she said. When asked if her ex-husband Leon congratulated her, she said he did not.

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