Leon Lai participated in a recording for the Community Chest Charity Show in Hong Kong on May 22.

To raise money for charity, the singer-actor joined hands with Hong Kong Council of Social Service chairman, Bernard Charnwut Chan, to climb 50 storeys of stairs each. Both men successfully completed their tasks and raised a total of HK$3.1 million (about S$545,000).

Impressively, Leon did not appear to be out of breath even after climbing so many storeys. He clarified that he did not practice climbing steps before the event, and remarked that although the air in the stairwell wasn’t the best, at least the surroundings were clean, and there were people stationed at certain levels with towels and water in case he needed them.

Leon, who recently held his Metro Live 2.0 concert in Guangzhou, then shared some interesting childhood stories from his time in the Chinese city. “While the adults were talking, the naughty me stuck my head between the railings on the balcony! I couldn’t get free for at least half an hour,” he chuckled, arousing laughter from the listening crowd.

Photos: TPG

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