Leo Ku’s wife is reportedly pregnant

The singer had tied the knot this July and his wife is said to be expecting currently

leo ku s wife is reportedly pregnant 1

After dating for 20 years, Hong Kong singer Leo Ku tied the knot with his assistant-cum-girlfriend Lorraine Chan in Las Vegas this July. Lately, there have been reports that Lorraine is expecting.

The 46-year-old, who has always maintained a slim figure, was spotted several days ago shopping for groceries in a supermarket in Hong Kong with a double chin.

Dressed in loose-fitting clothes, Lorraine held on to the handrails while going down the escalator cautiously, behaving like most pregnant mothers-to-be. After realising that she was photographed, she left the mall hurriedly.

Responding to pregnancy rumours, Leo’s manager Mani Fok expressed that the company looks forward to welcoming their baby but is “not sure” if the speculations are true. “But both of them love kids and since they are married, they would definitely go ahead [with baby-making]. I keep rushing them [to have one soon],” said Mani.

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