Hong Kong singer Leo Ku held a press conference to promote his new album in Hong Kong on December 10.

He shared that the new album is about the stories of Hong Kong, and even shot a documentary about the city's infamous housing problems, an issue he holds close to his heart that he hopes more people will pay attention to.

When asked about his wife reportedly controlling his diet, Leo explained that he is gearing up for his upcoming concerts so he cannot afford to put on so much weight.

He also said with a laugh that his missus also holds the purse strings in the house. "It's been a long time since I last bought toys and gadgets for myself!" he admitted. "These days, when I want to buy something, I need to seek her approval first, but I'm not complaining - I know it's for my own good."

Leo recently posted a few photos of a giant bear in his living room on Instagram. He explained that when he first bought it from the supermarket two years ago, his wife nagged at him for always buying useless items, which he respectfully disagrees with.

"We men tend to buy practical items - that bear is inflatable so it can easily be stored away, and when people come to our house and see it, it brings them a lot of joy! So it's very useful after all."