Lee Jong Suk to enlist on March 8

The actor will be serving as a public service officer


Korean actor Lee Jong Suk will be enlisting in the military next month. The actor’s agency, YG Entertainment, confirmed the news in a statement to the press on February 26, revealing that he will be entering the military on March 8. The actor’s discharge date is scheduled to be on January 2, 2021.

As Jong Suk hopes for a quiet enlistment, his place and time of enlistment will not be revealed to the public.

The actor, who will be turning 30 this year, received his notice of enlistment two years ago. At the time, YG Entertainment shared that Jong Suk was pursing his masters in film acting at Konkuk University Graduate School and requested for a deferment, which was eventually granted.

Back then, this stirred up much discussion among netizens, with some wondering if he was putting it off so that he could take on more acting projects. All Korean males have to enlist in the military for a mandatory two-year service before they hit 30. Deferments are granted on a case-by-case basis.

Jong Suk was involved in a traffic accident when he was 16, causing his ACL (anterior cruciate ligament, a ligament in the knee) to rupture. As a result, he was found to be unfit for active duty and will be serving as public service officer instead.

Filming for his newest drama, Romance is A Bonus Book ended on Tuesday, with the finale scheduled to air on March 17. The date for the drama’s wrap party, which is usually held on the same day as a drama's finale broadcast, has also reportedly been pushed forward so that he will be able to attend before he enlists.

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