Celebrity couple Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Li went out to the streets of Hong Kong to promote Cho Lam's directorial debut I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change with their niece on February 10.

Cho Lam shared that he has yet to consider making a sequel, but he is very satisfied with the reception of the film, especially since there were so many other New Year shows to compete with. He then joked that if the movie continues to do even better, he will buy Leanne whatever she wants, to which she sweetly remarked, "I already have everything! I just need you by my side."

When asked about their Valentine's Day plans, Cho Lam revealed that he has arranged a trip for Leanne and himself, just the two of them. "I will miss my daughter so much," said Leanne. Cho Lam then shared that he has already recorded videos and crying sounds of their daughter with his phone, so they can watch and listen to her whenever they want while they are away.

Sharing more about their little girl Gabrielle, who was born in December, Leanne chuckled that she loves to sleep. "It's impossible to wake her up even with the loudest noises!" Cho Lam added, "But she wakes up for a little while whenever I come home, smiles at me, and then goes back to sleep. Just seeing her smile in that brief moment is enough to make me so happy."

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