Chinese-born Canadian actress Leanne Li, who gave birth to her first child in December last year, revealed the secret behind how she managed to get her pre-pregnancy body back so quickly at an event in Hong Kong yesterday (Jun 26).

According to the 34-year-old, who is married to Hong Kong entertainer Wong Cho Lam, she enlisted the help of a nutritionist and has successfully lost 20 pounds (about 9 kg) since having her baby. She reassured everyone that she did not embark on any drastic diets (she still ate three meals a day) and that her breast milk was not affected at all.

Leanne then happily reported that her daughter, Gabrielle, has already started to eat porridge. “I like to add different ingredients into her food and seeing her eat makes me very happy,” gushed the doting mother. “I’ve taken so many photos and videos of her that my phone gallery is bursting with them!”

She also shared a hilarious story about her husband and their little girl, who is apparently not very easily amused. “Cho Lam has no problem making a big audience laugh, but when it comes to our daughter, his comedy skills seem to suddenly vanish!” she chortled. “No matter how hard he tries, it’s so hard to make Gabrielle laugh.”

Although Gabrielle is only 6 months old, Leanne believes that she has inherited her height, as Gabrielle is already taller than her same-age peers. “My husband had better cherish these few years of looking down at her when he speaks, because in no time, he will need to look up at her instead! (Laughs) But I think he is very happy about this.”

Photos: TPG