Lawrence Wong nabs first lead role in Chinese drama

The actor is the only foreigner in the cast once again

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The last time we caught up with Lawrence Wong in May, he shared that he would be going back to China for a top-secret project.

When we met up with the local actor last Saturday at the press conference for upcoming drama My One In A Million, we jumped at the chance to find out if he could spill the beans yet.

As it turns out, the announcement for his upcoming drama isn’t quite ready, so he couldn’t reveal details about the project such as the drama’s title (he would only say that it’s a very long title) and who he’s working with (but revealed that he’s the only foreigner once again). What he could share though, is that he’s the male lead.  

“I’m happy, I’m excited. In a way, I think I started at a good point in China. I was the second lead in my first Chinese drama, and I was the supporting cast in Yanxi,” he mused. “After that, I played the second lead again, and now I’m playing the first lead. It’s exciting for me to be able to have more input in my character and to be more involved in a production. A second lead isn’t as fully involved as the first lead, so it’s a very exciting project for me.”

Filming, which is taking place mostly in Wuxi, is a tad different from the Story of Yanxi Palace – for one, this is a modern-day series, which means that he can bid goodbye to the layers of stuffy period costumes, at least for now.

“It’s an idol drama, so I’m pretty sure the young fans will love it,” he chuckled. “[My character is] rich, handsome, a little cold to strangers and yet has a soft spot for the female lead and treats her like a princess.”

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Lawrence at his first fan meeting

In case you’re wondering, yes, Lawrence admits that this sounds a little like the Cinderella trope that has been overdone in dramas.

“The script has a lot of scenarios that are very fresh, and my character is the CEO of a huge production house. In a way, it’s also similar to showbiz, so there are some things that are very different from dramas that you’ve seen,” he let on, assuring us that it won’t be something that viewers have seen multiple times.

After filming wraps in October, the thing on the top of his wishlist is to come back to Singapore to be with his friends and family.

“Going on holiday can be tiring and stressful, so I just want to be able to come home, lie down on my couch and do absolutely nothing,” he grinned. “I’m not home often, so I just want to stay home, Netflix and chill.”

Even if he does get to come home, he anticipates that he’ll still have to take on work commitments, albeit those that require a shorter commitment period, such as magazine shoots.

“I think I might be the local artiste with the most magazine covers under my belt,” he remarked. “During the Yanxi period, I sometimes had four shoots in a day and I did sometimes feel that I didn’t have anything new to show. It’s easy to just ask them to shoot it in whatever way they want, but I remind myself to try to shake it up and find new angles, or new ways to present myself to the camera.”

With almost everyone wanting a piece of him, Lawrence also admits that he is treading the fine line between being over-exposed and getting the publicity that would help him in his career.

“I was telling my agency before the (My One In A Million) press conference that I was considering taking a back seat during the event. I don’t think there is anything else I can say about the show, I can’t really talk about my next drama yet, and I honestly don’t have any updates to share,” he said. “I understand why certain questions are asked multiple times, and I appreciate people taking their time to talk to me, and at the end of the day all of us are just doing our jobs, which is something I respect.”

My One In A Million debuts on Toggle on July 15 and on Channel 8 on July 22, 9pm.

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