The cast of Come Home Love attended a Lantern Festival event in Hong Kong on February 15.

Although Joyce Tang was supposed to be on vacation, she specially showed up just to distribute red packets to everyone. "I'm on a break until March because my husband complained about me being too busy, so I need to spend a lot more time with him," she shared.

The actress then revealed that she bought a limited edition camera for her husband as a Valentine's Day gift. "He doesn't like to take pictures with his phone," she said. "Now that he has his own camera, he has no excuse not to help take pictures of me!"

Veteran actor Lau Dan said that this year's Lunar New Year was a particularly joyous occasion for him, as his son, actor Hawick Lau, was able to celebrate it with him in Hong Kong. Secondly, his granddaughter had learned a lot of New Year greetings and made everyone very happy when she said them.

It was said that in order to spend more time with his daughter, Hawick will be taking on more jobs in Hong Kong. When asked about this, Lau Dan admitted that he is not very clear about his son's schedule, but he hopes that Hawick will not be too caught up with work. "It's not good for the actor or for the role," he explained.

When asked if Hawick's ex-wife Yang Mi visited their daughter during the Lunar New Year festival, Lau Dan's perpetual smile vanished as he responded, "Let's not talk about these things."

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