Lau Dan, Koni Lui, Angela Tong, and many other cast members of Come Home Love: Lo and Behold attended a Father’s Day event in Hong Kong on June 16, where it was announced that Bobby Au-yeung will be making a guest appearance in two upcoming episodes of the long-running TVB sitcom.

Unfortunately, a wrong character was used in the writing of Bobby’s Chinese name on the board announcing his participation, but the actor took it in his stride and quipped, “It’s been so long since I acted in a TVB production that even my name has been written wrongly!”

During an interview, Bobby expressed his gratitude to the production team for letting him guest star in the show. However, he ruled out the idea of making more appearances as he is currently taking a break to attend to some family matters, which has him jetting between China and Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, Lau Dan was asked about his Father’s Day plans. “Since I have to work today, I already had a meal to celebrate it with my family yesterday,” he said. “After that, they brought out a cake for me. My granddaughter also gave me a handmade card that said ‘Happy Grandfather’s Day’, which melted my heart.”

The veteran actor then shared that his son, actor Hawick Lau, took two weeks off work to spend some time at home, and that he got Lau Dan a very valuable Father’s Day gift.

Photos: TPG