Actors Lau Dan, Joyce Tang, Koni Lui, and many more attended a party to celebrate the success of their sitcom Come Home Love: Lo and Behold in Hong Kong on January 24.

Lau Dan revealed that the cast and crew plan to have a two-part reunion dinner to celebrate the Lunar New Year together. The reason they need two sessions is so they can accommodate Joyce's schedule. The actress explained that because she's been so busy working, she's been neglecting her husband, and wanted to make it up to him by bringing him skiing over the festive holiday.

Viewers of the show have recently expressed their worry about too many advertisements and product placements affecting the plot. However, Joyce clarified, "My parts have not been affected by this at all. I'm thankful for the support from all our sponsors."

In other news, Lau Dan's son Hawick Lau's ex-wife Yang Mi was rumoured to be fighting for sole custody for their daughter Noemie. While the veteran actor declined to comment about this matter, he denied asking producers to reduce his number of scenes to allow him more time to take care of his granddaughter. "In fact, I thought I had too little scenes and asked them to give me more!" he laughed.

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