Latest season of popular variety show 'Where Are We Going, Dad?’ premieres to little fanfare

The reality programme’s original broadcast date was postponed indefinitely last September due to broadcast restrictions.


Last September, it was announced that the broadcast of the sixth season of the wildly popular reality show, Where Are We Going, Dad? was postponed indefinitely.

It was originally scheduled to air a month before the announcement, and featured various celebrity dads and their kids heading off to rural areas of China.

The lineup included Hong Kong singer Jordan Chan and his son Jasper, who had appeared on the fifth season, as well as Chinese actors Geng Le, Yang Shuo, Bao Beier and their children. They were also joined by “trainee dad” Mario Ho, who had recently welcomed his first child with his wife, Chinese supermodel Ming Xi.

However, the Chinese authorities put in place a number of broadcast regulations that year, which included restricting the number of child stars. The regulations also expressly forbade celebrity parent-child pairings from appearing on television.


Yesterday (Dec 19), however, Jordan’s wife, Taiwanese actress Cherrie Ying posted a number of promotional pictures for a ‘new' reality show, titled Let’s Go, along with its broadcast schedule on her Weibo page.

The pictures featured Jordan and Jasper together, and netizens soon realised that Let’s Go was actually the sixth season of Where Are We Going, Dad?’. Many fans were taken aback by the sudden announcement, as there had been little to no news about the programme prior to her post.

The first episode was released on line on December 19, but is only available to viewers outside of China. Industry watchers believe that this could be due to the broadcast regulations put in place by Chinese authorities last year.

Photos: PBE Media, Mango TV/Youtube

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