Former Wanna One member Lai Guan Lin returned to his hometown, Taipei, for his first solo fan meeting there on May 19. Over 1,000 fans attended the event, including his father, whose appearance caused a stir among the audience.

According to Guan Lin, as soon as he landed, he was able to catch up on some much-needed sleep, as well as satisfy his craving for his favourite hometown dishes. "I missed Taiwanese rice burgers a lot," he shared.

During a Q&A session, Guan Lin was asked, "Do you choose your own outfits for fan meetings?" Laughing, he said that he is aware of the criticism his styling team gets from netizens, who accuse them of giving him ugly clothes and hairstyles.

"Actually, the one you are scolding is me!" he revealed. "I like trying on different looks and I don't like dressing according to other people's ideas, so I will usually communicate with them about what I want. It's only through experimenting that I'm able to figure out what suits me best."

Photos: TPG

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