Kym Ng to “recreate” The Champion's bikini run for new drama

That’s one reason to watch upcoming Channel 8 drama ‘My Guardian Angels’

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Remember Channel 8 drama The Champion, which aired back in 2004?

Yes, the very one that featured Fiona Xie, Jeanette Aw, Felicia Chin and Joyce Chao running down Orchard Road in bikinis.

Come April next year, Kym Ng will be doing her own version of the ‘bikini run' for her upcoming drama My Guardian Angels, except that it is more of a ‘towel run’ and no bikinis will be involved.

“I’m a typical auntie in the drama,” she shared. “I’ve played such roles before so I’m still thinking about how to present myself differently. In terms of my image, I look a bit different but what’s more important is that I tweak my acting so that it doesn’t seem like I’m playing the same character again.”

In My Guardian Angels, Kym plays mother-of-three Miao Miao, who raises her sons single-handedly as her chef husband is rarely home. To earn enough to support the family, she works as a private-hire driver. 

She is neighbours with two other women with similar backgrounds - Zoe Tay's character's husband passes away, leaving her to raise her children on her own, while Hong Ling plays a young single mother.

But we digress. What would make this “typical auntie” run out in the streets wearing nothing but a towel?

“I can’t tell you why exactly I’m doing this but I’ll look like I’m wearing nothing under the towel,” she let on. “Of course, I’ll be wearing a tube top and shorts inside, but when it’s all covered up, it looks like I’m not wearing anything underneath.”

The actress continued, “It’s just like when you’re sitting down while wearing shorts, versus doing the same thing but with a skirt over the pair of shorts. It just feels different. When people look at it, they perceive you differently as well.”

“Likewise, it’s fine if you’re dressed in a bikini by the pool, but people might wonder what you’re up to if you’re wearing the exact same thing in a shopping area,” the actress explained. “That’s probably why the scene in The Champion grabbed everyone’s attention back then, and everyone still remembers it even till today.”

This towel run, she mused, will be her most challenging scene to film – and she chuckled that this “re-creation” will probably be a “very unsexy” version of the scene in The Champion – although she’ll do her best to ignore the stares around her and focus on her acting.

“I really admire the actresses for doing that run in the middle of Orchard Road! You really need to focus on your acting and block everything else out. Maybe I’ll go on a diet before doing that scene!” she quipped.

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Kym with her three reel-life sons in 'My Guardian Angels'

Kym will also have to pick up a couple of new “skills” for the drama. Not only does she have to turn into a cheerleader while her reel-life son plays in a basketball match, she’ll also have to learn Zumba for another important arc.

“My character’s life is so dramatic! She has to deal with her husband being away constantly so she has to seduce him with sexy sleepwear when he’s back home, and tries to get him jealous by flirting with a cute neighbour,” Kym laughed. “She might even have to meet her first love as well – there’s just so much going on in her life!”

This will also be the first time she will act in the same drama as buddy Zoe Tay, whom she expressed that she has a lot of respect for.

“We have a lot of scenes where we have to bicker, because there’s some bad blood between us, so that will be interesting,” she let on. “She’s an amazing actress and I’m really looking forward to working with her to see what kind of ‘auntie drama’ we can create together.”

My Guardian Angels is slated to debut on Toggle on March 30, 2020.
My Guardian Angels is slated to debut on Channel 8 on April 6, 2020.

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