Taiwanese celebrities Kunda Hsieh and Alice Ko have finally said ‘I do’ after dating for five years. The couple made things official in the presence of close family and friends last Saturday (Sep 15) and capped off celebrations with a 35-table wedding banquet at Marriot Hotel in Taipei.

In their first public and media appearance as a couple, Kunda and Alice were coaxed into sharing a kiss for the cameras. The newlyweds agreed to it, albeit bashfully, and shared two kisses which lasted for as long as 35 seconds.

Alice was every bit the blushing bride during interviews as she spoke about how embarrassed she felt having to kiss her husband before the media. Kunda was less bothered by their PDA (public display of affection) and quipped, “I don’t know what you’re nervous about, we had prepared everything accordingly!”

Their first public kiss was just one of the many wedding highlights during the ceremony. The biggest screams and cheers however, were reserved for a special performance put up by now-defunct Taiwanese boyband Energy, which Kunda was a member of.

While first-generation members Milk and Toro were unable to attend the wedding due to work commitments, second-generation members Shu Wei, Edy (or A Di) and Ice (or Xiao Gang) turned up in full force. They even joined the groom in putting up a special song and dance performance, taking wedding guests on a nostalgic trip down memory lane with their much-hyped about “reunion of the century”.

The cost of putting together this wedding amounted to NT$2.58 million (approximately S$110,000), not inclusive of NT$1.43 million (approximately S$60,000) of sponsorship they received in the form of their traditional Chinese wedding outfits, shoes, wedding cakes and wedding favours.

Lots of thought was put into the gifts prepared for guests. The gift, which is said to represent the couple’s love declaration ‘Ai Ni’ or ‘Love You’, was derived from the Chinese names of the handmade soap -- mugwort (known as ‘Ai Cao’ in Chinese) and lemon (known as ‘Ning Meng’ in Chinese).

In the lead up to their big day, Kunda and Alice had shared pictures from their wedding photoshoot in Kyoto, Japan. Kunda proposed to Alice two years ago when they were in Hokkaido for a ski trip and announced that they had registered their marriage in December last year.

Photos: PBE Media

Kunda Hsieh, Alice Ko share wedding photos from Kyoto photoshoot
Kunda Hsieh, Alice Ko got married on December 3

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