As Kunda Hsieh and Alice Ko embark on their lives as a married couple after throwing a 35-table wedding banquet last Saturday, the couple thanked friends and family for accompanying them on this “dream-like” journey.

Former Energy member-turned-actor Kunda posted black-and-white pictures of him and Alice on Facebook, and wrote, “I woke up today thinking that yesterday felt like a dream to me! It was a very beautiful dream. Thank you to everyone who made this dream with us.”

His newly-wedded wife and Taiwanese actress Alice followed suit, but she wrote an even longer post to talk about their stressful wedding preparations. 

“Organising a wedding is really tiring, especially when you’re working while preparing for it, it really pushes you to the brink of a mental breakdown. Thankfully, the heavens have treated me well and I have had many friends from different industries offering me their help. Everyone understood how tiring it is to organise a wedding… we will definitely treat everyone to a good meal next time.” 

Alice also thanked their family and friends for witnessing this important chapter of their lives with them, writing, “Now that we are entering a new stage in life, I’m happy that you were all present on this day. It was fate that brought us together, we are thankful and we cherish it.” 

“Yesterday felt like a dream, it was a very cute and heart-warming dream, [we] received a lot of blessings and my heart is filled with gratitude and love. The wedding has concluded successfully, and our new lives have only just begun.”

Alice and Kunda dated for five years before saying their “I do’s” last weekend. Prior to their wedding celebrations at Marriot Hotel, the couple shared pictures from their wedding photoshoot in Kyoto, Japan

Photos: PBE Media

Kunda Hsieh, Alice Ko’s wedding celebrations in pictures
Kunda Hsieh, Alice Ko share wedding photos from Kyoto photoshoot

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