Kris Wu explains reason for weight gain

The Chinese singer-actor says he has always watched his diet, so what happened?


Chinese singer-actor Kris Wu was one of the many celebrities spotted in Paris, France, over the past two weeks, with Paris Fashion Week Men's taking place.

Turning heads in a pale pink ensemble at the Louis Vuitton show, Kris appeared to have gained some weight, inciting heated discussions online. This is not the first time the 28-year-old’s ‘weight gain’ has become the topic of discussion online: his recent appearance in a variety show was also heavily discussed, as many felt that the singer-actor had put on some pounds.

In an interview held during his visit to Paris, Kris shared that he has always watched his diet and done things like restricting himself from eating supper. He added that he has recently stepped up his efforts to lose weight as well.


“I've always been watching [my diet], but I can only say that I’m getting older,” he replied, insinuating that his metabolism has slowed down.

He also added that he had been preparing for his concerts earlier, which allowed him to exercise more. However, as he had gotten a little busy recently, he did not have time to hit the gym, which might explain his weight gain as well. Later, when the reporter asked if he had tried any of France’s delicacies, he smiled, before nodding slightly. 

“I did, but just a little, not too much,” he admitted shyly.

After the interview was published, many fans flocked to leave comments encouraging Kris, sharing that they didn’t mind his weight gain at all.

Photos: PBE Media

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