Korean singer HyunA shamed for looking ‘cheap’

The singer’s latest appearance at the 2019 Water Bomb Festival has brought on a fresh wave of criticism

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Korean singer HyunA is known for her sexy, confident image, but her performance at the 2019 Water Bomb Festival on July 21, held at the Jamsil Sports Complex in Seoul, has netizens debating on how much is too much.

The former 4Minute and Wonder Girls member came under public scrutiny after sporting unusually plump lips earlier this month which many suspected to be the result of fillers, only for HyunA to step out to say that it was makeup that made her lips look different in recent photos.

What tipped the scales was her outfit at the Water Bomb festival, which features water cannons that drench both the performers and audience during the show. HyunA’s pink two-piece was criticised for how unflattering it looked on her, especially the bottom half, which was compared to underwear.

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However, she seemed to be unperturbed by the hate comments, and even uploaded multiple photos of herself on her Instagram account.

Netizens compared her to fellow female soloist Chungha, who performed at the same festival a day earlier. Her outfit, which consisted of a crop top and denim shorts, was deemed to be more appropriate and classy.

Photos: Hyuna/Instagram, PBE Media

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