Korean idol-actress Sulli (born Choi Jin-ri) has reportedly been found dead in her apartment today (October 14).
At 3:21pm Korean time (2:21pm Singapore time), the Seongnam police station received a report that the 25-year-old was found dead in her house in South Korea’s Seongnam-gu, which is a satellite city of Seoul. The call was made by her manager.

Her manager shared that the last time he spoke to her on the phone was at 6.30pm on Sunday. He visited her house because he was unable to contact her after that. Her death is suspected to be a suicide.

Paramedics arrived at her house after the report was received, and she was taken to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead. The police have stated that they have found no signs of intrusion from the outside, and have no reason to suspect murder.

SM Entertainment has confirmed the news of her passing, and have asked the public not to spread unfounded rumours and to respect her family. They have also expressed their deepest condolences to her and her loved ones.

It was also confirmed that a memo was found in Sulli's house. However, police will not be disclosing the contents of it as it was not a suicide note nor diary entry.