Kingone Wang ties the knot in secret

The actor and his wife are expecting their first child in June


Taiwanese actor Kingone Wang had always been low-profile about his relationships in the 17 years of his showbiz career.

Earlier today, news broke out that the 38-year-old had gotten married last November, and is also expecting his first child next month. To everyone’s surprise, his wife, Lin Xiao Wei, is none other than ‘Scorpion Girl’, the girl who was rumoured to be in a relationship with Taiwanese actor Sun Peng in 2015. She gained the nickname as she had an identifiable scorpion tattoo on her hand.

According to news reports, the pair met after playing golf together, and hit it off as they had similar interests.

Kingone’s manager confirmed the news in a statement to the media.

“Kingone married Xiao Wei last November, after dating her for about two years. She is expecting, and the baby is due around the end of June,” he said. “The baby’s gender will only be revealed after the child is born.”


His manager added that the couple held a private celebration last year with several close friends, and have no plans to hold a larger wedding banquet as it will be “too much hassle”.

“They already had plans to tie the knot, and it was not because of the baby,” his manager clarified, denying rumours that the pair had gotten married after Xiao Wei got pregnant by accident. Kingone’s father, who had always urged him to get married, is also said to be pleased with his daughter-in-law.

Kingone is featured in upcoming local period drama 1,000 Years (working title), alongside local stars Elvin Ng, Ian Fang, Julie Tan, Ann Kok and Jeanette Aw. The series will debut on Toggle in October.

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