Neighbours blast Kingone Wang for excessive noise

The actor’s family was also accused of being litterbugs

wang chuan yi

Taiwanese actor Kingone Wang announced that he had tied the knot with his girlfriend in May 2018, with the couple welcoming their first child, a girl, in July.

Since then, the family-of-three have moved into a luxurious apartment in Xinzhu, Taiwan. On Monday (January 15), however, a post appeared online, made by a netizen who claimed to live in the same vicinity as Kingone. The neighbour complained that the actor and his family were ‘neighbours from hell’, sharing that he had tolerated their behaviour for too long. 

The neighbour shared that the 38-year-old often made noise until the wee hours of the morning, affecting his neighbours. Additionally, the smell of cigarette smoke often wafted over from Kingone’s residence, with cigarette butts and wine bottles strewn all over by them, with no attempt to tidy it up. As a result, the general surroundings of the area were sullied by their litterbug ways.

Calling them a family on "everyone’s blacklist”, the neighbour also shared that the residential committee has since posted up a notice, writing, “According to the community’s public area rules, each unit’s patio and its exclusive balcony are now not allowed to be choked up with rubbish. The vote was passed unanimously, with 39 votes in favour, and zero votes disagreeing.”

Additionally, a new rule was passed, stating that each individual unit has to ensure that they do not make excessive noise, and that residents are to keep their volume down after 10pm.

When asked if the new rules in the residential community were passed because of him, Kingone did not respond.

Photos: PBE Media

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