Kingone Wang is in love with his daughter’s chubby cheeks

The actor has ‘forbidden’ the one-year-old from losing weight


Taiwanese actor Kingone Wang is absolutely smitten with his one-year-old baby daughter, and he’s proud of it.

The new father recently went on vacation with his non-celebrity wife, Xiao Wei, as well as his daughter, where they visited a specialty hotel that uses aromatic herbs liberally in their accommodation, to rejuvenate the customers.

Kingone mentioned that he is now fully refreshed after his stay, and shared that he had taken the opportunity to help acquaint his daughter with water as well, as he wishes for her to take up swimming.

The actor also let on that he spends most of his downtime with his daughter, saying, “During this period, babies tend to grow the fastest, their expressions and words bring so much joy to everyone. While we were on this vacation, I noticed that my daughter seems to like travelling as well, she was really happy during the journey there.

He added that his daughter’s most charming point was her chubby cheeks, saying, “My daughter’s a true luxurious beauty now (with her chubby cheeks), I won’t allow her to lose weight.”

Kingone announced that he had tied the knot in May 2018, and welcomed his daughter two months later.

Photos: PBE Media

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