Kingone Wang doesn't want his daughter to grow up too quickly

The Taiwanese actor's baby girl recently turned one


Taiwanese actor Kingone Wang recently landed an advertisement deal for a milk powder brand, where he stars in a music video together with his daughter, who recently turned a year old.

In the video, Kingone sings along to a song titled ‘Daddy's Little Love Song’. It has the same tune as ‘Sleep My Baby’ from the 2013 drama Happy 300 Days. However, the lyrics were penned specially for this song, and Kingone also participated in the composing process.

When the 39-year-old first stepped into the recording booth, he was unable to express his emotions. In order to help him get into the mood, Kingone used his phone to display a picture of his daughter.

After adding a picture of his daughter, the actor found that it was indeed easier to emote properly, finishing his recording without a hitch. A staff member then joked that the actor should’ve brought his daughter to work with him that day to make recording even easier.

However, the actor laughed, “My daughter’s currently learning to speak. If she came, everyone might have to work through the night, because the entire recording will just be filled with the sound of my daughter’s babbles.”


He also shared more about his daughter’s growth, saying, “She just turned one, and is learning to crawl and stand up. However, she’s super chatty, and knows how to call for her daddy, mummy and grandma. Whenever she sees a golf ball, she’ll immediately say, ‘ball’, I honestly don’t wish for her to grow up so quickly so that she can always be by my side.”

In addition, Kingone shared that he had organised a very special zhua zhou ceremony, a traditional practice which requires a baby to pick a few items which symbolises their future occupation, for his daughter recently.

“I didn’t prepare anything to signify the different occupations, all I did was prepare 12 different golf clubs, so that no matter what she grabbed, it’d definitely be a golf club. I want her to play golf with me at different clubs all over the world when she grows up. Our entire family loves golf, and hopes for her to grow up with a love for sports. (Of course), they want her to grow up happily and healthily as well,” the actor chuckled.

Kingone announced that he had tied the knot in May 2018, and welcomed his daughter two months later.

Photos: PBE Media

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