Kingone Wang welcomes baby girl

He calls her “a little beauty”

kingone daughter

Taiwanese actor Kingone Wang is now a dad. The 38-year-old secretly tied the knot last November and only revealed news of his wife’s pregnancy two months ago.

Kingone shared news of his daughter’s safe arrival on Facebook yesterday by posting a picture of his newborn baby’s footprint. According to Kingone, his wife underwent a C-section on Jul 1 (Sun) and gave birth to their baby girl who weighed a healthy three kilogrammes.

In his description of his daughter, the new dad could hardly hide his joy. Kingone said she had her mother’s eyes and his nose, and called her “a little beauty” for her adorable “eye-smile”.

Kingone, who just wrapped filming for upcoming Channel 8 drama Till We Meet Again, was in China filming a new show when his wife was due to deliver. The actor applied for leave from the production team and promptly flew home to accompany her during labour.

“I was touched when I saw the baby for the first time, it was happiness and pure joy. I really feel it’s not tough for mothers to tote around a big pregnant belly for months. I remember turning around and exclaiming to my wife: ‘We’re parents!’” he recounted in a media interview.

Kingone also shared his plans to bring his wife on an overseas trip after he completes his current project to “reward” her for the past nine months of hard work. “I think the biggest present is being able to accompany each other. I’ve been filming abroad for the past year and she knows it’s tough for me and didn’t make any requests [on her end], she has never given me any worries,” he added.

In a personal message to his newborn daughter on Facebook, the first-time father promised that she’ll grow up surrounded with “lots and lots of love” from her family. “But you’re not a princess, you’re not an heiress, you will not be pampered or spoilt,” wrote Kingone.

Kingone is featured in upcoming local period drama Till We Meet Again, alongside local stars Elvin Ng, Ian Fang, Julie Tan, Ann Kok and Jeanette Aw. The series will debut on Toggle in October.

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