Kim Woo Bin spotted at eye clinic

The actor has been seen out and about more regularly as of late

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Korean actor Kim Woo Bin was diagnosed with nasopharynx cancer back in May 2017, and put all his work-related activities on hold as he focused on treatment. Later in October of the same year, they updated fans with a short statement, assuring that he was “doing very well” after completing his first round of chemotherapy.

A few weeks ago, fans were treated to another update as he was spotted with his celebrity pal, Lee Jong Suk, at a café. Although Woo Bin looked to have lost quite a bit of weight since then, fans were glad to see that he looked well and commented that the shoulder-length hair that he was sporting suited him well.

Following which, it was confirmed that the actor-models set off for a vacation in Hawaii together, which gave further assurance that Woo Bin is doing well.

More recently, another sighting was reported as a member of the public uploaded photos of Woo Bin at an eye clinic. The source claimed that the 29-year-old had undergone Lasik, which led to some to speculate that the actor could be gearing up for a showbiz comeback in the near future.

His label, Sidus HQ, has not commented on the speculation at press time, and has consistently maintained that Woo Bin’s health is the priority, and that they will wait for doctors to give the green light before deciding on matters related to his work.

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