Kim Woo Bin shows rare public display of affection for Shin Mina

The actor sent a food truck to the set of his actress girlfriend’s latest drama.


South Korean actors Kim Woo Bin and Shin Mina first announced their relationship to the public in 2015. While they have been spotted out on dates a number of times, even heading over to Australia for a vacation in January this year, they have usually preferred to keep their relationship on the down low.

However, Woo Bin recently showed a rare public display of affection for his girlfriend that made hearts flutter. With Mina busy filming for the second season of drama Chief of Staff, Woo Bin showed his support for her by sending a food truck to the film set.

The truck reportedly provided iced coffee as well as macarons and other sweet treats for the cast and crew alike, complete with a special message that read, “I'm supporting the cast and crew of Chief of Staff. Especially Shin Mina, I’m cheering for you a lot!”

Woo Bin's gesture was very well-received by fans of the couple, and by Mina herself. According to the owner of the food truck, the 35-year-old came out to take a picture with the truck, and seemed very happy after reading the message on it.

When Woo Bin was diagnosed with nasopharynx cancer in 2015, Mina was known to show her support for the 30-year-old as well, reportedly accompanying him to the hospital numerous times for his treatments.

In May this year, Woo Bin was given the green light to return to work, though he has yet to officially do so.

Photos: PBE Media

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