Kim Woo Bin makes showbiz return after battle with nasopharynx cancer

It’s been over two years since he was diagnosed with the disease

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Korean actor Kim Woo Bin was diagnosed with nasopharynx cancer in May 2017. At the time, the announcement came as a shock as the then-27-year-old was a rising star who looked to be in the pink of health. His agency, SidusHQ, then announced that he would be going on an indefinite hiatus to focus on his health.

Earlier this year, reports of Woo Bin having fully recovered emerged, with industry watchers declaring the 29-year-old ready to make his showbiz comeback. His agency confirmed the news, and many have been waiting for his comeback project.

Before he dives back into acting, however, he made his official return as an awards presenter at the 40th Blue Dragon Film Awards, which was held in Seoul on November 21.

He was greeted with applause when he took the stage, and made a short speech before announcing the winner of the Best Short Film category.

Woo Bin shared, “I’m very nervous. It’s been a long time since I last greeted everyone, so I thought a lot about what I should say today. Above all, I want to convey how thankful I am. My health wasn’t that great (for a while) but many people cheered for and prayed for me to be able to overcome it. I believe that thanks to that, I was able to recover quickly and (stand in front of) everyone in a healthy state.”

He added with a smile, “Since I’ve been away for a long time, there’s a lot that I want to share, but since I’m not supposed to be the focus for today…” The actor then went on to present director Jang Yoo Jin with the Best Short Film award for her movie Milk.

Woo Bin was previously reported to be considering sci-ii flick Alien, which will be directed by acclaimed director Choi Dong Hoon. The director was said to have been working on a movie with Woo Bin just before the actor’s cancer diagnosis in 2017, which is why many are expecting the actor to accept the offer. Dong Hoon is credited as being one of the most consistently successful directors of this decade, as his works, including Tazza: The High Rollers, The Thieves and Assassination have done well both critically and financially.

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