Kim Woo Bin is ready to make his showbiz comeback

His agency confirmed the good news two years after he was diagnosed with nasopharynx cancer


Korean actor Kim Woo Bin, who was diagnosed with nasopharynx cancer two years ago, is reportedly ready for his showbiz comeback.

He took an indefinite hiatus to focus on his treatment and recovery after he was diagnosed in May 2017.

Today (May 14),  Kim Woo Bin’s agency, SidusHQ, confirmed that the actor is healthy enough to return to acting, though they have yet to make concrete plans on when and how he will be doing so.

They added that the actor still has not made a complete recovery, and that he will still be receiving treatment to ensure that he remains healthy.

The 29-year-old has been spotted in public on a number of occasions in recent months. Last September, he was seen at an eye clinic, and was reported to look in good spirits although he appeared to have lost quite a bit of weight since netizens last saw him.

On May 12, he was spotted once again, this time with fellow actor Jo In Sung. The pair attended a ceremonial event in light of Buddha’s birthday, and fans were glad to see a healthy-looking Kim Woo Bin appear on-screen during broadcaster BTNBuddhistTV’s coverage of the event.

Netizens have praised his girlfriend, actress Shin Min Ah, for staying by his side during his recovery. The pair started dating in 2015 and have kept their relationship under the radar. They were last spotted together vacationing in Australia in January.

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